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China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC)

Power and Energy;Infrastructures;Light Industry

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China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC) was established in September of 1952 and became a wholly-owned enterprise under China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd,which is a large state-owned company under direct supervision of central government in 1998.

Over the past 57 years, CNTIC has been renowned for working as the mainstay for the import and export of key technologies and complete plants for the country in various stage of economic development. CNTIC introduced and exported advanced technologies and complete plants for over 5000 projects with total contract value of USD 100 billion covering the areas of energy, transport, communication, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, mechanics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, agricultures and forestry and education and so on. The main business of the company include international trade with the focus on the import and export of key technologies and complete plants, international engineering project contracting; and project planning, commercial and technical consulting,tendering and bidding agency,engineering services and project management and investing for the domestic and overseas construction projects.

In recent years, CNTIC speeds up its transformation in the two following ways. Firstly, we consolidate, expand and innovate business on introduction of key technologies and complete plants by giving full play of professional and integrated operation. Secondly, we’ve made great achievements on the international project contracting and export of large complete plants by taking advantage of the integrity and overseas business channels CNTIC enjoys. All of these endeavors help the company enter into a new stage of development and gradually form five capabilities in marketing, business integration, investing and financing, project engineering and project management.

In respect of marketing: CNTIC has set up extensive domestic and international business networks by seeking broad cooperation across the world. Our businesses now covers more than 100 countries and regions.

With regard to business integration: CNTIC, as the mainstay for the import and export key technologies and complete plants for China, has been providing maximum value-added services to our clients by utilizing our strong business integration ability and sound company integrity which help obtain extensive appreciation and recognition from domestic and overseas clients and governmental institutions.

In respect of investing and financing: CNTIC keeps close cooperative relations with the governments, financial and commercial institutions of the counties where our projects are located. CNTIC has established extensive financing and investing channels and maintained good financial and assets status that give us a full guarantee to finance the projects.

With regard to the project engineering: CNTIC possesses strong project engineering ability and project management expert team. By keeping good cooperation with design institutes, CNTIC can meet the requirements of the customers for project engineering, equipment performance and project construction.

In respect of project management: CNTIC has a comprehensive project management system and feasible program and can ensure smooth, on-time, high quality and cost-effective project execution by efficient coordination throughout the project process.

CNTIC will implement new developing strategy aiming at improving the core competitiveness of the company as follows: giving top priority to trade business; restructuring corporate system; developing innovatively technology trade and project contracting; investing in advanced manufacturing and R&D design consulting related to main businesses at appropriate time; speeding up the transformation to an international project contractor and project management contractor with the objective of becoming a renowned large international enterprise integrating the trade with project engineering and industry.
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Business Scope: Power and Energy;Infrastructures;Light Industry
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